ContributeOpening February 1, 2015

Labor and Delivery Room

Each of our nine labor and delivery rooms in the UCSF Betty Irene Moore Women’s Hospital is designed to be respectful to patients and families during the life-altering event of childbirth. Combining sophisticated technical capabilities with carefully considered design interventions, each room is structured to promote a sense of calm for the intimate, anxious and joyful birthing experience. At the same time, it is a highly functional environment in which physicians and caregivers can safely and efficiently perform their services.

Room Map

Family Area

A dedicated family area is located in each labor and delivery room so that visiting family members can stay comfortable and relaxed during all stages of the labor and delivery process. This family area features a sleeper sofa to accommodate overnight stays, a wireless Internet connection, a refrigerator, and a media wall offering access to education, medical records, entertainment, environmental controls, and housekeeping and food services.

Room Details

Rubber flooring is incorporated into every labor and delivery room for staff comfort and sound attenuation. We have also specifically chosen this flooring for its reduced toxicity and maintenance; there are no PVCs and no waxing is required. With smooth surfaces for easy cleaning, coved flooring and minimal ledges, the labor and delivery room as a whole is designed for infection control.

Calming Elements

To retain a calming atmosphere throughout the labor and delivery process, the patient bathroom is equipped with a spa-like bathtub, with a seat area behind for ease of transfer in and out, or for the patient’s partner. Meanwhile, we’ve made sure that a dedicated alcove is always available for the patient’s belongings.

Practical Considerations

A hand-washing sink is immediately available upon access to the room to encourage use. In addition, a local media device located at the patient’s bedside allows her to easily contact the nurse, call family members, or access lighting and temperature controls. Of particular use during the childbirth process is a set of specially designed spotlights for delivery that the doctor can operate via remote control.

Newborn Care

A dedicated infant care and resuscitation area located adjacent to the birthing bed provides easy access for the pediatrician to tend to the baby, and enables the mother to keep an eye on her newborn during that critical first exam outside the womb.