ContributeOpening February 1, 2015

UCSF Women's Specialty Hospital


UCSF Betty Irene Moore Women’s Hospital will offer women comprehensive services tailored to their unique needs. Providing the latest in breast cancer treatments, outstanding surgical care, and a 36-bed birth center, our women’s hospital will be a vital part of the Mission Bay hospital complex.

In creating our new women’s hospital, we’ve leveraged our understanding of the importance of warmth and beauty in a hospital setting. The design of our women’s hospital will include expansive two-story atriums, intimate meditation spaces, patient rooms that maximize the use of natural light, soft color schemes, exceptional exhibits of artwork, and views of gardens from every bedside. It will also include versatile spaces to meet the diverse needs of family and caregivers. And because companionship and support are essential to healing, every patient room is designed to allow a patient’s loved one to spend the day or night comfortably.

The acute care patient room serves as more than the patient’s bedroom; it will also be the loved one’s hotel room, as well as the caregiver’s workroom.

In the ICU patient room, we’ve chosen design elements that emphasize patient and family comfort.

Our labor and delivery rooms are designed to be respectful to patients and families during this life-altering event.

The care at the new UCSF Betty Irene Moore Women’s Hospital will be based upon the groundbreaking research and understanding of women’s health that are the hallmarks of UCSF.

Our new women’s hospital will deliver a lifetime of reproductive care, including cancer treatment, specialty surgery, and select outpatient services.

Specific gardens in our women’s hospital will include the Women’s View Garden and the ICN (Intensive Care Nursery) Strolling Garden.