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Project Team

The following members of our core team are working together with carefully selected partners to bring UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay to life.

Core Team Members

Cindy Lima

Executive Director
(415) 353-2729

Cindy Lima, executive director of the UCSF Mission Bay Hospitals Project, brings a unique set of tools to the job. With more than 25 years in health care management, expertise in facilities planning, and the fortitude to tackle complex challenges, Lima has driven the project from inception with skill, speed and tenacity. Recognized for her ability to work with a multitude of constituents – from faculty to architects, city planners to local neighbors – the broad support for the project and the planning process is a testament to her and UCSF’s commitment. Working at UCSF Medical Center since 1987, Lima understands the need for expansion of UCSF’s clinical programs. She is passionate about opening UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay in February 2015 to serve patients in the Bay Area and beyond, and maximizing economic opportunity for the residents and businesses of the Southeast Sector of San Francisco.

J. Stuart Eckblad, AIA

Dir., Design and Construction
(415) 241-5022

It’s not just Stuart Eckblad’s 30 years of experience in planning, design and construction of hospitals that gives UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay an edge. A licensed architect, Eckblad is also a nationally recognized innovator of integrated project delivery (IPD) – a process in which all team members collaborate on a building project from conception to capstone. This collaboration on a public project, coupled with “virtually constructing” UCSF’s new hospital in digital 3-D building information modeling (BIM), is truly breaking ground. Focused on improving efficiency, reducing costs and optimizing project outcomes, Eckblad leads the work of the Integrated Center for Design and Construction (ICDC) where more than 100 architects, engineers, contractors and project managers are making it all come together.


Ivy Chiao

Senior Project Manager
(415) 241-5049

With more than 25 years of experience managing design and construction projects at UCSF, Ivy Chiao is one of the University’s best project managers — respected for her leadership, professional expertise, and for delivering results; trusted for her dedication, commitment and pride of ownership. As senior project manager for UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay, Chiao, a licensed architect, is responsible for the overall project budget and she manages every phase of the project schedule — from hospital design to critical document submissions to the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD); from construction to grand opening. Prior projects managed by Chiao include Genentech Hall at Mission Bay, UCSF Mount Zion Research Building and the UCSF Parnassus Service Building.


Christian Ovlen

Senior Hospital Project Manager
(415) 241-5098

Christian Ovlen is the Senior Hospital Project Manager for UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay, responsible for management and coordination of the day-to-day design-and-construction activities for the 289-bed children’s, women’s and cancer hospital complex. With a background in architecture, Ovlen has more than 20 years of experience, including 15-plus years of health care planning, design and project management. Detail-driven and tech-savvy, Ovlen infuses the Mission Bay Hospitals Project with intense energy and he brings clarity to the intersection of architecture, hospital operations and medical equipment. Prior to arriving at UCSF, he served in a similar role as Senior Project Manager of the Mills-Peninsula Hospital Replacement in Burlingame, California, a brand new $618 million dollar, 311-bed facility, which opened its doors to patients in May 2011.


Mary D. Phillips

Project Manager of Interiors
(415) 241-4417

Heart and soul, that’s what Mary Phillips gives to the Mission Bay Hospitals Project as the Project Manager of Interiors.  Responsible for managing all interior design (e.g., flooring, wall coverings and finishings), furniture planning, and signage design, Phillips has become ubiquitous to UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay – known and beloved for readily rolling up her sleeves and pitching in most anywhere there is a need.  As the owner’s representative, she works closely with the Stantec Architecture team and hospital management and staff to ensure that the interior design and final products meet UCSF’s high standards and actualize the University’s vision.  Phillips also plays an integral role in the development of the art program for the new hospitals.  She is a registered architect with more than 20 years of health care architectural and interior design experience, spending the last 16 years at UCSF Medical Center.


Richard "Rick" Romero

Director of Finance and Construction Controller
(415) 241-4404

Rick Romero, controller and director of finance for the Mission Bay Hospitals Project, brings 20 years of development finance and accounting experience to the job, having served as controller for major construction projects for such organizations as Starwood Hotels and Resorts, DreamWorks and Catellus Development Corporation. Romero, known for his work ethic, spirit of cooperation and passion for excellence, has a penchant for effective communication, defining and managing expectations, and building a knowledge bridge between departments. With a proven track record of achieving cost savings, he is dedicated to safeguarding the financial integrity of the Mission Bay Hospitals Project. To that end, Romero is relentless about providing accurate and transparent reporting, and maintaining project compliance.


Holly Houston, APR

Director of Communications
(415) 241-5021

Holly Houston brings more than 30 years of award-winning public relations and broadcast journalism experience to her role of director of communications for UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay. Responsible for promoting the new children's, women's specialty, and cancer hospitals, Houston manages the strategic development and implementation of print and electronic marketing communications for the $1.5 billion hospitals project. She is also the Art Program Liaison for UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay. Houston joined UCSF Medical Center in 2008 after heading her own boutique PR firm, and serving in senior PR management positions at a number of global for-profit corporations.

The Campaign for UCSF Medical Center
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